Yamon 0.9

I've uploaded my first public Yamon release, dubbed version 0.9.

Main features:

  1. It works!
  2. There is a HOWTO; installation should be a breeze.
  3. Built-in tests for HTTP, SMTP, SSH and of course 'ping'.
  4. A generic TCP test which can do expect-style testing of pretty much anything.
  5. Inter-test dependencies so when your network breaks, it won't report everything else as being broken too.
  6. Alerts sent via. e-mail only, at the moment.
I'm using it, it does most of what I want and is useful, so I'm releasing it to The Internets.

Things it doesn't do yet, but are planned for "version 1.0":
  1. Allow different tests to alert different people.
  2. Test system-health (using a helper CGI?) and fire alerts when machines run low on disk space, memory or other internal resources.
  3. Fire alerts using external programs (other than mail).
  4. Log to syslog.
  5. Possibly send e-mail via. direct SMTP instead of invoking mail?
  6. Make it export current status to an HTML file.
  7. Write stuff on this page about how to implement useful monitoring with this tool. For now, see the comments in the sample.yam file.
Any questions, comments, suggestions? Post a comment!

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