Yamon 0.92

Here ye, here ye, there's a new Yamon available!

This release adds the following wonderfulness:

  • White-box monitoring: check_syshealth
  • yamon.cgi: a CGI-script which exposes most of the commonly monitored system metrics in the format expected by check_syshealth
That's all for now. But it's really cool, if you ask me!

The yamon.cgi program tries to autodetect all the things that matter; which filesystems exist, which log-files are actively rotated under /var/log. It works on Mac OS X and the Linux variants I've tested (CentOS 5 and RH7.3).

Probably the most unique feature here is my attempt to detect unexpected log-file growth and allow yamon.pl to alert on that. But I don't know if it's really unique, I'm just proud of it. :-P

Yamon 0.91

I've uploaded a new Yamon release. Improvements:

  • Different tests can have different alert targets
  • Alerts can be sent to syslog or other arbitrary programs
  • Direct SMTP can be used instead of invoking 'mail' to send e-mail alerts
So the alerting stuff is more or less feature complete now. Yay!

If you're one of the two or three people that actually downloaded the program, and if you happen to be using it, take care that the syntax for specifying multiple alert recipients has changed. Instead of using ',' as a delimiter, I've switched to ';'.

As far as I know I'm still the only user, so I don't expect this to matter much. I'll try to refrain from changing syntax in non-backwards compatibles ways in the future.