Yamon 0.92

Here ye, here ye, there's a new Yamon available!

This release adds the following wonderfulness:

  • White-box monitoring: check_syshealth
  • yamon.cgi: a CGI-script which exposes most of the commonly monitored system metrics in the format expected by check_syshealth
That's all for now. But it's really cool, if you ask me!

The yamon.cgi program tries to autodetect all the things that matter; which filesystems exist, which log-files are actively rotated under /var/log. It works on Mac OS X and the Linux variants I've tested (CentOS 5 and RH7.3).

Probably the most unique feature here is my attempt to detect unexpected log-file growth and allow yamon.pl to alert on that. But I don't know if it's really unique, I'm just proud of it. :-P

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