Yamon 0.94

The other day I picked up Yamon again, for use at my latest gig, PageKite.net. As a result I ended up fixing a few bugs and adding some features that I needed. I've compiled those into a new release: Yamon 0.94

New hotness:

  • yamon.pl: Export a status summary as an HTML table.
  • yamon.pl: Tests based on arbitrary Unix commands: check_cmd
  • yamon.pl: Support for recording history using rrdtool.
  • yamon.pl: Fixed behavior to avoid bogus "OK" alerts for new tests.
  • yamon.pl: Fixed some minor scheduling bugs.
  • yamon.cgi: Improved to report memory stats (on Linux).
  • NOTE: New requirements: Digest::MD5 and Timer::HiRes
If you are using Yamon for anything important, it's probably worth upgrading to get the scheduling fixes, just beware of the new module dependencies in yamon.cgi and yamon.pl. I think most systems have these pre-installed, but you should probably check.

See the README for discussion and sample.yam for examples.

And check out PageKite, it's awesome!

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