Yamon 0.93

I've released a very minor update to Yamon.

The only new feature here is the addition of the check_dnsbl test. This test is good for making sure that mail servers aren't listed on one of the common DNS-based spam-fighting blacklists, such as bl.spamcop.net or SORBS.


Anonymous said...

Nice stuff. Going to try that on my dom0. I am already running a pretty simplistic shell script in order to check RBLs (using the rblcheck tool), but the other monitoring features may come in handy.

Thanks for publishing it!

Greetings from an alien (terrestrial, though) in Reykjavik ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi again Bjarni,

having a bit of a trouble with Yamon. Perl says the syntax is fine. Whenever I run the script with "-v" I get a mail with the subject:

"0 OK spamcop:OK / "

Then after running it a few times (without -v) to get the .state file updated, nothing gets mailed or logged (presumably the right behavior as it is only supposed to mail on failure). However, when I use -v again, I get a mail (almost empty) with the subject of either all my SSH or all my HTTPD tests stating OK.

Is that normal and expected behavior? I skipped pop3 and the smtp-relay test as well as the whitebox test. Otherwise I just added more rules to match my servers.


BTW: you can also reach me as oliver *at* (domain of your previous employer) in case you prefer email.

Anonymous said...

The -v flag makes it verbose, it repots all the things it tests.

So if you have the -v flag on the crontab entry, that will cause it to generate an e-mail every time it runs - not an e-mail from Yamon, but from crond.

Is that what you're seeing? Otherwise it should only e-mail you on state changes (or periodically based on alert_interval, when things are broken).

Anonymous said...

In crontab entries I tend to add a
> /dev/null 2>&1

The confusing part was, that even with -v, not all the tests appeared in the subject line and it changed from mail to mail whether these listed the SSH or the HTTP tests.

Another thing: are white space characters allowed in the names of tests (with respect to the fail-* files)?

I presume the fail-* files are the only way to really test whether it works, because the -v switch sends a mail anyway, so that confused me a bit.

Thanks for your help.

Bjarni RĂșnar said...

Just a quick update to this thread - I think the problems mentioned here may have been fixed in the 0.94 release.

There was a problem that when a new test was created, it would trigger an alert when it transitioned to fully "OK" for the first time. This may have been a source of confusion for new users, who by definition only had new tests...

This behavior is corrected in 0.94, the initial state for a new test is presumed to be "OK", so it should only alert if it is actually broken.

Anonymous said...

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